(Persia Digest) – At a meeting with the CEO of Khorasan Razavi Province’s Cultural Heritage Organization, the Iranian Ambassador to Georgia, Seyed Javad Ghavam Shahidi, said: “Khorasan Razavi Province in northeastern Iran enjoys a rich history and civilization which can prove to be of interest for the Georgians during the cultural organized on the subject in Tbilisi.”

Ghavam Shahidi added that the people of Georgia have a vested interest in the Persian language, and reiterated: “Georgia has a population of around five million, of which 500 thousand are Muslims. In turn, half of the Muslim population is of the Shia faith and interested in pilgrimage to religious establishments in Khorasan Razavi.”

He mentioned that Georgia is the gateway to Europe, and continued: “This is a good opportunity to introduce the cultural aspects of Iran, its handicrafts, and tourism attractions to the European visitors in this country to counter the Iranophobic propaganda by western media outlets.”

The Iranian Council in Georgia, Mohammad Ghobadi-Rad, stated: “We are looking into a sister city agreement between cities in Khorasan Razavi and Georgia. This will be initiated during the cultural week organized for the Iranian Province in Georgia.”

The CEO of Khorasan Razavi Province’s Cultural Heritage Organization, Abolfazl Mokaramifar, also spoke at the meeting, saying: “We are planning to display historic relics representing Khorasan Province in museums in Georgia.”

Mokaramifar added: “Showcasing historical documents from before and after the advent of Islam and the exhibit and sale of handicrafts from this region is part of the programs for the intended cultural week.”

Persia Digest reports that an Iranian film week was also organized in Tbilisi earlier this year, meeting with a welcoming audience. The week was entirely sold out, leaving no empty seats in the house.

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