(Persia Digest) – A group photography exhibition named “Click” will be held in May 2018 in Toronto, Canada, by the Arta Gallery under the supervision of Fay Attari.

ILNA News Agency reports that the exhibition will display works by Anthony Schatzki, Elsa Hashemi, Fay Attari, Jacqueline Sloan Cyclose, John Cosmopoulos, Ludmila Schneider, Morneza Niknahad, Sassan Ghahreman, Sidra Sid, and Steven Lewinson. Photos by Alborz Malekpoor will also be on display here.

Arta Gallery introduces “Click” as follows: “Click introduces individual photographers who use the camera as a tool to express thought and creativity. The exhibition is about artists who have chosen a distinctive way of photography to narrate their story. This can be a portrait or a landscape, abstract or surreal. Creativity in photography is abound in this exhibition, luring the viewer to the thinking soul behind the camera.”

Alborz Malekpoor had previously held a solo exhibition entitled “I am Alborz Malekpoor” in Canada in 2017.

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