(Persia Digest) – The presidents of Iran, Russia, and Turkey have issued a joint statement following the Ankara Summit hosted by President Erdogan, reiterating their commitment to achieving lasting ceasefire in Syria and protecting civilians. They pointed out that the Astana talks had been the only effective international initiative for keeping the Syrian crisis in check and reducing violence and that they would continue their determined cooperation in the country, rejecting separatist goals that seek to undermine Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the security of the neighboring countries.

The joint statement said that military intervention was not a solution for the Syrian crisis and the tragedy could be brought to an end only through diplomacy.

They emphasized free elections to restore Syrian unity and democracy by its people with lucid leadership culminating in a Constitution supported by the population under UN supervision.

The three leaders emphasized on their commitment to eradicating Daesh, Al Nusra Front, and all other groups affiliated to Al Qaeda and Daesh in Syria which have been identified by the UN Security Council, pointing out the success of their collective efforts to combat international terrorism.

It was decided that the next talks will be held in Tehran at the invitation of the Iranian President.

Persia Digest reports that the trilateral talks between Iran, Russia, and Turkey on Syria were held on 3-4 April 2018 on the three ministerial, presidential, and senior advisor levels in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

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