(Persia Digest) – The exhibition of color sketches by Fashid Maleki, mostly drawn last year, opened in Hor Gallery in Tehran yesterday.

Farshid Maleki’s recent works are also very similar to his previous surreal, expressionist works. Some of athem bear titles and Syria features prominently among them, portraying the human tragedy in the country. Humans and animals can be seen side by side, together with faceless figures created with their special body language; figures that exist in one scene or narration, yet unable to communicate with one another. The sun is always present in his works as an absolute yellow circle in the blue background of the sky.

These are mainly Maleki’s works from 2017 and a few from 2016. Most of them illustrate the atmosphere of war and terror, especially those titled “Syria” in which violence leaps out and stares you in the eye. Some of his nude works have been covered with pieces of paper glued on the glass.

A very short film is also shown at the exhibition on the works of Farshid Maleki and his works. The expo will run until next month. Maleki’s statement reads: “And I, have I composed all the waters in verse, among the birds and lovers?”

photos: Nadia Shams

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