(Persia Digest) - Deputy Chairman of Iran Stock Exchange stated that over 50% of the investment volume in the Iranian capital market belongs to the Germans: “We will continue our contacts with the German investment supervisory authority carefully so as to preserve the confidence that German investors have made in the market, the supervisory body, and all the players in the domestic capital market.”

Bahador Bijani added: “The Germans have greatly supported Iran in the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).”

He pointed to the cooperation between Iran and China in the stock exchange, and stated: “The Iran Stock Exchange also has very good relations with the Hong Kong, Oman, and Greek stock exchange supervisory bodies.”

He reminded: “Foreign investors in Iran have more than tripled following the implementation of the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement.”

Bijani continued by talking about cooperation between Tehran and Istanbul stock exchanges, saying: “One of the issues between the two was the trading hours and reporting on which a practical decision was finally reached.

Also, other recent developments at international level have been the exchange of goods and the discussion of a common trading platform between this market and the National Stock Exchange of India. This is now ready and we are hoping to implement it in the near future.”

Persia Digest reports that by the end of December 2017, the value of foreign investors' assets in the Tehran Stock Exchange, numbering over 1000 trading codes, has increased by an estimated 46 percent.”

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