(Persia Digest) – A comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding for Iran-Venezuela Joint Cooperation in pharmaceuticals has been signed by the Health Minister of Iran and the Venezuelan Foreign Minister.

The cooperation includes drug exports to Venezuela, drug manufacturing, registering Iranian drugs in Venezuela, and giving professional training in the field.

Iran’s Minister of Health, Hassan Ghazizadeh-Hasehmi, said at a meeting with Jorge Arreaza Montserrat, Venezuela's Foreign Minister: “Iran's capabilities in medicine and health services, as well as drug production, are well known in the region. For many years, we have held first place in the medical field for years in the region.”

The Minister announced that Iran was ready to help Venezuela combat Malaria, and added: “There was a time when 16 thousand deaths caused by Malaria were registered in Iran annually; today, this figure stands at less than 60 people per year, mostly among people who come here from Pakistan.”

Ghazizadeh-Hasehmi continued: “Venezuelan companies can use the unit operations in Iran to produce their own brands of medicine to meet their own needs and generate income through exports.

He wrapped up by proposing to hold an exhibition of Iran’s potentials in health and medicine in Caracas, and said: “We hope to be able to help Venezuela in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical equipment.

FM Jorge Arreaza Montserrat also spoke at the meeting: “The only way to independence in this field is the production of medicines and medical equipment inside the country and we are reassured that our friend and brother country Iran can help us in this respect.”

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