(Persia Digest) – Iranian cinema is in the spotlight at international festivals this April, ranging from 30 children’s films at the International Children's Film Festival in India, to the screening of films made by young Iranian professionals in Denmark.

An Iranian Film Festival is also being held at the Danish Film Institute cinematheque from 15-28 April 2018 produced by the young generation of Iranian filmmakers.

International Children's Film Festival in India screens 30 films from Iran

Children’s films will be screened from 5-13 April 2018 in India, 30 of these being from Iran.

Iran at the Middle East Now Film Festival

The 9th Middle East Now Film Festival in Florence will run 10-15 April in Italy. The focus this year is on the cinema of Kuwait and the Palestinian woman filmmaker Annemarie Jacir. Five films from Iran will also be shown here.

Iranian Pearls in the Titanic

The 25th Titanic Film Festival will run from 4-13 April in Budapest, Hungary, including a category titled Iranian Pearls.

Iran at the Istanbul Festival

The 37th Istanbul Film Festival will also run from 6-17 April in Turkey. Filmmakers from Iran participating here are Asghar Yusefinejad, Vahid Jalilvand, Abbas Kiarostami, Mani Haghighi, Rambod Javan, Ali Asgari, and Shirin Neshat.

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