(Persia Digest) – On the twelfth anniversary of National Nuclear Technology Day, 83 nuclear achievements in various industries were unveiled by the Iranian President.

The ceremony was held on Monday morning, 9 April 2018. It was attended by President Rouhani, his deputies, a number of ministers, MPs, high-ranking officials, and representatives of other counties at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation conference hall.

The President began the ceremonies by visiting the works of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) accompanied by the AEOI Head, Ali-Akbar Salehi. Explanations were given by the Organization engineers, experts, and directors about the country’s nuclear industry and its achievements.

Four projects were unveiled in the main hall and five projects were screened as video conferences; 74 other projects were also unveiled on the sidelines of the exhibition.

These included centrifuges, centrifugal separation, radiopharmaceuticals, and knowledge overflow in the fields of water, health, and power plants.

April 9th has been named as National Nuclear Technology Day in Iran.

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