(Persia Digest) - Japanese recording artist, composer, record producer and arranger noted for his electronic-instrumental music, Kitarō, has arrived in Tehran for his latest concert.

Ne Masanori Takahashi, Kitarō commented about his May concert in Iran by saying: “My latest concert in Iran is titled ‘Kojiki and the Universe’. I composed a piece around 28 years ago called Kojiki, illustrating a beautiful planet in the universe. It has camouflaged concepts at its heart which can only unfold by submerging oneself in its every note.”

Kitarō added: “The great welcome my Silk Road piece received in Iran makes me very happy. I would like to express my thanks to Iranians and their rich cultural influence on this piece and the Silk Road documentary I made. I attribute its global success to Iranian art and will definitely perform it at the concert ahead in May. I have also brought over a new experience for Iranians in this concert.”

On his knowledge of Iranian music and musicians, he said: “I have listened to many pieces of music by Iranian musicians. I developed a huge liking for Persian classical music when I was composing the Silk Road. I am very interested in Iranian culture. I have often listened to Iranian folk music and learned much from it. Iran has a rich treasure trove of music and discovering it requires a long time.”

Persia Digest reports that the concert will be held 6-8 May inclusive at the Ministry of Interior Hall in Tehran. Tickets are now on sale on T-wall website.

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