(Persia Digest) – An Iranian Food Festival has been held in Karachi with the efforts of the Iranian Consulate General here following the Iranian New Year celebrations, Nowruz.

Yesterday saw the opening of the Festival in Karachi to introduce Iranian foods, customs, culture, and Nowruz celebrations. It was attended by the Consul General’s spouse, Pakistani dignitaries and high-ranking officials, including the Head of the union councils, spouses of local ministers, diplomats of missions in Karachi, cultural figures, and Iranians residents in the city.

The Festival was widely attended by diplomatic missions in Karachi, especially for the Nowruz customs and the Haft Sin spread.

Guests were offered over 30 Persian dishes, such as stews and local cuisines.

According to official polls, over 88 percent of tourists worldwide consider familiarization with local foods as an important part of their travels.

The UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has announced that 30 percent of the entire tourism industry in the world depends on the food industry.

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