(Persia Digest) – Speaking at the National Nuclear Technology Day ceremonies, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, stated: “We will pursue our nuclear technology in various scientific fields and constructive interaction with the world. We have gained a new global achievement and proved to the world that we remain committed to our obligations.”

He added: “Following the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement, much energy was spent through naivety to destroy it by Iran’s own hands. But, they did not know that our people are fully aware of the situation. If they want to go back on their commitments they must pay the price, not the Iranian people.”

Rouhani continued: “They have spent the last fifteen months trying to nuke the deal. But this is a shatter-proof agreement and has remained intact throughout this time despite all the pressures. Billions of dollars were spent to shake the core of the JCPOA. They think tweeting will crash this structure, but they have been unsuccessful to this day. Of course, if they harm the JCPOA, our nation will be victorious. If they withdraw from the agreement, they will only hurt their own credibility.”

Rouhani stressed that Iran is ready for all probable scenarios with or without the US in the agreement, and said: “There will be no problems for our nuclear technology or people’s living conditions. They think they propagandas can prevent our people from being independent, free, and in charge of their own country. But, they will not deviate from the path of the revolution. We will never withdraw from the JCPOA; but if they abrogate it they will regret it. We are ready. If the JCPOA is abrogated, the effects will show in less than a week.”

He reiterated: “We are not in the business of threatening anyone. Our military power is solely defensive. Our policies with our neighbors is based on friendship. Those who promote Iranophobia must know that this will not pay off.”

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