(Persia Digest) – Color is a defining factor in design and the choice of clothing. The global fashion industry goes to lengthy measures every year to select a particular color for men, women, and children’s fashion, not necessarily in tune with the culture, climate, and individuality of those who wear it worldwide. This year, however, the organizers of the 7th Fajr Fashion Festival in Tehran have announced in an innovative move that the color of the year will be olive green here – a color close to parts of nature and climatic conditions of Iran.

Organizer Hamid Ghobadi told ISNA News Agency: “We have used olive green in the competition category of the 7th Fajr Fashion Festival. Studies by experts show that this is the prevailing color in parts of Iran’s landscape and can be generally used in fashion design. It is also a color that can be easily combined with many other ones in this field.”

The last two years have seen the use of turquoise blue and hues of yellow – colors seen in the soil and sky of the Kavir salt desert in central Iran -  in the country’s fashion. The world knows Iran with these two colors, recommended by many of its designers for the Iranian audience. The vernacular architecture of Iran is also dominated by different shades of these two colors.

Annually, the fashion industry selects one hegemonizing color for all its designs worldwide.

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