(Persia Digest) – Shakespeare’s plays have always had a great readership in Iran, especially among those directors who stage these during their working life. Shakespeare’s tragedies have been played in Iran on numerous occasions. Although his comedies have not been in the public eye as much, yet they too have many followers. “Twelfth Night” is one of these lesser seen plays on the Iranian stage these days. This lasting piece of work has been playing in Molavi Playhouse in Tehran by a young crew, directed by Mohsen Sadeghi-Esfahani.

In an interview with Persia Digest, Sadeghi said: “We have spent one year working on ’Twelfth Night’ and practicing the play. I wanted to work on a lesser seen Shakespearean play in Iran.”

Sadeghi said about his choice of the work: “I always asked myself how can one stage a classic by Shakespeare as a new performance for the audience. After studies on the performance of Shakespeare's plays which, according to the traditions of the time, changed once a fortnight and theatrical productions took place very quickly, I concluded that the plays had a central core around which every scene was planned.”

‘Twelfth Night’ seems more like a festival performance, about which Sadeghi has this to say: “Comedies and tragedies have their roots in ancient Greek Dionysian rituals which were festivals acting as a driving force for the development of Greek theater. We have also adopted a similar approach in staging this play.”

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