(Persia Digest) – Nicola Piovani, Italian light-classical musician, theater, soundtrack composer, and winner of the 1998 Best Original Dramatic Score Oscar for the score of the Roberto Benigni film La Vita è bella (Life is beautiful), will be holding a concert in Iran on 25 April 2018.

Piovani has worked on projects with Federico Fellini, the Taviani Brothers, and Marco Bellocchio. He is now the special guest of the Fajr International Film Festival and will be performing his concert on 25 April in Vahdat Hall in Tehran. Soundtracks he has composed for various films will be played here.

Piovani has composed film scores for over 130 movies. He won the 1998 Best Original Dramatic Score Oscar for “Life is beautiful”. He has also composed scores for three movies by Fellini, namely “Ginger and Fred”, “Intervista”, and “The voice of the moon”. In later years, he versified the “Fellini ballet”.

In 2005, he was on the panel of judges for the Moscow International Film Festival. He also works closely with French film directors and other cinematographers such as Daniel Thompson and Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt. The French Minister of Culture awarded Piovani L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres at the Cannes Festival in 2008. He is also active in musicals, orchestral, and chamber music.

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