(Persia Digest) – Iran has the world’s 17th largest population and is the 5th largest consumer of plastic with a 500-ton production per year.

Mohammad Darvish, Faculty Member at the Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands of Iran, said: “Part of this consumption is unavoidable. But, the growth rate in Iran is alarming; part of this unnecessary consumption is also due to the lower prices of plastic in Iran as compared to the global median.”

He added: “We can take two major steps to reduce this consumption rate. First, we can provide incentives for businesses, industries, and people who are voluntarily trying to reduce their consumption of plastic. The second step would be for the government to support investment in renewable plastics which break down completely in the environment in less than a fortnight, leaving no traces that impact the soil water penetration rate or cause livestock food poisoning.”

Majid Abbaspour, Head of Iran's Environmental Protection Organization (IEPO), emphasized that numerous steps can be taken to reduce plastic consumption, and added: “Supporting the use of renewable plastics, reducing the use of disposable plastic materials and carrier bags, and the people’s initiative to use reusable shopping bags are some of these steps than can help.”

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