(Persia Digest) – The Artists Forum in Tehran is hosting two exhibitions by international artists in April. These are a photography expo by Italian artist Aldo Salucci and a children’s books illustration expo by Swedish-Dutch artist Marit Törnqvist and Iranian illustrators.

Aldo Salucci’s Underworld exhibition is a selection of works from four of his collections, staged by the Artists Forum in association with the Italian Embassy in Tehran.

Also Salucci began painting and sketching as a child alongside his interests in marine sports and diving. Water has always been alluring for him and he has used this medium his works in a fresh, poetic way.

The exhibition “Intercultural Dialogue - Illustrating Children's Books” showcases works by Marit Törnqvist and three illustrators from Iran – Noushin Safakhu, Keivan Akbarizadeh, and Mahsa Mansouri. This will run until 23 April 2018.

Twenty-seven mixed media artworks are displayed here. Marit has illustrated a number of books by author Astrid Lindgren such as The Red Bird, and Belgian Author Jef Aerts Bigger Than a Dream. She won Holland’s Gouden Penseel award for Pikkuhenki (2006). Her best-known books include: Klein verhaal over liefde (A short love story, 1995), which won the Zilveren Griffel award, Wat niemand had verwacht (What nobody had expected, 2009) and Fabians Feest (Fabian’s party, 2014). Marit Törnqvist was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2014.

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