(Persia Digest) – The 31st Tehran Int’l Book Fair (TIBF) will begin work on 2 May 2018. To date, it has received 31 applications for participation for which 25 visas have been issued.

The Chairman of the monitoring board for international publications has announced that 25 out of 31 foreign publishing houses have received their visas to participate in the 31st Tehran Int’l Book Fair. Those who have not yet received their visas are from countries such as the UK, Germany, Russia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Sweden.

Chairman Ali Fereydouni also commented on the evaluation process of foreign language books, and said: “The processing stage began in February with the initial applications. The second stage will begin once the books arrive at the Fair customs.”

The 31st Tehran Int’l Book Fair will run from 2-12 May 2018 at “Mosalla-ye Imam Khomeini” in Tehran.

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