(Persia Digest) - Taylor Demonbreun, 23-year old American tourist, is planning to have herself registered as the youngest and fastest person to visit all 195 sovereign countries in the world in the Guinness World Records reference book. She is currently visiting Kish Island on her travels.

Taylor is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and plans to see the world by September. She pointed out that coming to Kish Island was very easy as this Iranian Island in the Persian Gulf has no visa application requirements for tourists, and said: “One of the hotels in the private sector here sponsored me to travel to Kish.”

Taylor visited the Island’s attractions during her short stay, including “Derakht-e Sabz” [Green tree], “Harireh”, “Kolbeh Hoor”, the Greek Ship, and Simorgh Beach. She took a keepsake photo next to the world’s largest pier structure which has also been registered in the Guinness World Records.

She spoke about the numerous attractions of the Island and its coral sea and coast, saying: “I will definitely return to Kish once I have finished my trek to enjoy the facilities and attractions here more fully.”

The American tourist added: “I will never forget the peacefulness and extraordinary beauty of Kish Island.”

So far, she has visited 123 countries in the world and has until September to visit the remaining 70 countries on her list to break the record.

The last record for the youngest and fastest person to visit all sovereign countries in the world was set by James Asquith (UK) at age 24 in 192 days.

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