(Persia Digest) – “TU Dresden Week” began work in Shiraz, central Iran, yesterday 15 April 2018.

The event will run until 17 April with the aim of promoting scientific, cultural, environmental, and student exchanges. Shiraz and Dresden mayors will also be meeting on the sidelines of the event this week.

At the opening ceremony, Shiraz University President pointed to the long history between Iran (Persia) and Germany and stressed that sustaining this is a must to move forward with scientific and academic activities.

Rector of Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), Hans Müller Steinhagen, also said that signing this MoU will provide the opportunity for scientific research in the fields of renewable energies, chemistry, medical, water resources management, international relations, and transport. Shiraz University has been selected as the interface for all Iranian universities with TUD due to its strategic collaboration with the University and is considered the focal point connecting Iranian and German academic communities. There is also an opportunity for visiting professors travelling between the two universities.

Hadi Pajuhesh Jahromi, political, security, and social deputy of Fars Province also said: “The endeavors of Germany in Iran over the past 200 years to equip our infrastructures has left a good memory in the minds of the Iranian people.”

He added that political hardships have the least effect on the deportment of scientists and called Fars a Province welcoming all scholars, intellectuals, and the elite worldwide.

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