(Persia Digest) – Following the “Isfahan Cultural Week” in Paris which was held with eight exhibitions of the arts, architecture, and handicrafts of Iran and a speech given by the mayor of Isfahan at the Assemblée nationale, the mayor has now announced the imminent opening of a “Paris Cultural Week” in Isfahan.

French hoteliers are due to travel to Isfahan to help promote the city’s touristic potential. Iran’s representative at the Unesco will also travel to Isfahan for the occasion.

The “Isfahan Cultural Week” in Paris included programs on the tilework and mogharnas honeycomb vaults of Isfahan, the contemporary architecture of the city, the celebrated Isfahan rose, Isfahan from the tourists’ viewpoint, Isfahan gardens, miniatures, school of music, the Armenians of Isfahan, and Isfahan at the Louvre conference.

Other programs included a concert by masters Shahzeidi and Mir-Jalali, the screening of “Tales of Majid”, a collection of short stories by Iranian author Houshang Moradi-Kermani, an exhibition of contemporary Isfahan architecture, “Jolfa” quarters from yesterday to today, Isfahan graffiti, and Isfahan photographers.

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