(Persia Digest) - At the meeting of the 10-member delegation from the Austrian railways industry with the Deputy of International Affairs of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture (TCCIM), the two sides emphasized the development of bilateral cooperation in rail transport.

The members of the delegation who were present at the Tehran Chamber of Commerce together with Christoph Grubmeyer, a business advisor to the Austrian Embassy in Tehran, were representatives of Austrian companies active in the rail services industry, including innovative pre-built concrete components used in platforms and buildings, innovative solutions for insulation systems and electronic components, production and maintenance of roading machinery, and mitigating the risk of natural disasters.

“Austria was the first European country to send a high-level political and economic delegation to Iran after the abolition of sanctions, calling for the expansion of economic relations between the two countries,” the Deputy of International Affairs of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said at the meeting.

Mohammad Reza Bakhtiari, referring to investments made by the Austrian companies in various fields such as health, tourism, automotive industry, renewable energies etc in Iran, spoke about the lack of use of Oberbank Austria’s one-billion-euro credit line. “The Tehran Chamber of Commerce is ready to assist Austrian companies to find their business partners in the Chamber,” he added.

Majid Babaei Ebrahimabadi, secretary and spokesman for the Railway Transport Companies Guild, also referred to the production of passenger and freight wagons in Iran, asking the Austrian side to announce their potential for finding counterparts through the Tehran Chamber to the Guild.

Babaei then referred to the priority of the Guild to increase the number of freight wagons and government support packages for Austrian companies, and asked them to invest in creating joint consortia in Iran.

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