(Persia Digest) – The Louvre in Tehran exhibition at the National Museum of Iran, warmly welcomed by Iranians, will now move to the northern Khorasan Province for a period of two months.

The exhibition at the National Museum of Iran will wrap up on 8 June 2018 and move to the Khorasan Great Regional Museum for two months.

The collection on display in Tehran will move entirely to Khorasan’s provincial capital Mashhad as planned, including the collection of photographs by the late Abbas Kiarostami.

There are 56 masterpieces from the Louvre here, including over 50 statues, embossed works, paintings, lithographs, a bronze axe, an inscription of the Elamite King "Untash Napirisha", a bronze object from Luristan, and other pieces from France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and India. The treasures from France's national collections have been showcased at the National Museum of Iran since 5 March 2018.

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