(Persia Digest) – Manuscripts of collections of poems by 14th-century Persian poet “Hafez” are kept in the museums and libraries of over 150 countries.

Ali Sadeghzadeh-Vayghan researches manuscripts. He says manuscripts of Hafez’s works are kept in over 150 countries around the world; these are the oldest manuscripts with the most illuminations available.

He told IRNA News Agency that Hafez acts as a bridge between Iran and the world, and added: “After the collections of “Kolliat-e S’adi” and “Kobra Fi Al Mantegh”, Hafez manuscripts rank third in availability in Iran.”

He pointed out that innovative technology can help record, maintain, and disseminate human thoughts and knowledge, and stated: “In this century, we are seeking to connect nations, religions, faiths, and ideas, and engage in dialogue and interaction with the world. One way to do this is to use the cultural, scientific, and literary heritage that is our human legacy.”

Speaking at the ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) Sadeghzadeh continued by saying: “Priceless manuscripts of Hafez and other renown poets of the Persian literature are kept in all the important university libraries and research centers of ECO member states. We are presently seeking to use this for better interaction among countries.”

Participants in the training course included embassy employees and cultural attachés of ECO member states.

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