(Persia Digest) - Directorate General of the Department of Environment in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province announced the presence of the crested duck for the first time in the Borujen’s Gandoman International Wetland.

Shahram Ahmadi said that this winter bird is a protected bird in Iran, and its presence at this time of the year indicates the favorable habitat status in terms of nutrition and good security conditions for the bird.

In order to best protect this bird, while preventing the destruction of its habitat and prey, its nesting and breeding areas must also be protected with full vigilance.

This crested duck named the red-crested pochard, is a diving duck with a large head and body that does not sink too much into water when sitting on water. In the male red-crested pochard beak is red, the head is orange with a brighter crown, the back dark brown, the neck, the chest and under the tail are black, flanks are white and the tail is gray. When flying a white broad band is seen across the wings.

The female red-crested pochard is matte brown, with pale greyish brown cheeks that has a sharp contrast to its dark brown head. The wing bands are dirty white.

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