(Persia Digest) – The 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF) will begin work on 19 April 2018 with the participation of musicians from Iran and six other countries.

One-hundred and thirty-three musicians with 27 performances have been accepted by the Festival. Countries taking part include Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. The executive director is Ehsan Tarokh.

Speaking at the press conference, the art director, Navid Gohari, pointed to the “Alvah Pouladin” project and said: “We have designed the project based on the audio structure founded on the thoughts of Abdol-Ghader Maraghi, with many interesting features. The project designer and manager is Seiflollah Shokri.”

The Festival’s art consultant, Aidin Samimi, spoke about the selection process in the international section, and said: “We have focused on Iranian woman musicians in the 3rd edition of the Festival, because this is a lesser accredited issue both in Iran and overseas.”

The 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF) will run from 19-27 April in the venues of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Rudaki Hall, Azadi Tower, and Décor Room of Hafez Hall.

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