(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs said that if the US decides to withdraw from the nuclear deal, the reaction it will receive from Iran and the international community will be unpleasant.

“We have repeatedly stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran protects its national interests, and the interests of Iran in the JCPOA must be safeguarded,” he stated.

“The JCPOA was an agreement only in a specific area, that of the nuclear domain, and it did not deal with other issues,” he said about Europe's performance and policies in the region.

“Although Iran has always criticized the policies of Western countries both in the region and in pushing weapons into the region, and we definitely have had a lot to talk about in this regard, yet the subject of our decision in the agreement was the nuclear issue and we have emphasized this,” he continued.

“At the moment, the consensus in Europe and among the P5 + 1 is that the outcome is not negotiable, and the other issues are irrelevant to the JCPOA; the Americans are completely isolated in this matter,” he added.

“At the recent meeting of the Council of the European Union, it was clear that Europe does not have a positive look at US policies in this regard, and of course, we decide based on our own interests,” he stated.

“We have serious disagreements with the way Europeans are acting in the region and we have raised these disagreements. We believe, unfortunately, that the Europeans and the West in general, have not had the opportunity to separate their regional policies from the United States and to have an independent policy,” Zarif referred to the differences between Iran and Europe on regional issues.

Zarif stated that European policies in the region have fueled insecurity, violence and terrorism. “This terrorism has hit mostly our region and Europe, and we have always raised our points and criticisms of European policies in this regard,” he said.

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