(Persia Digest) –The parade of the IR of Iran special armed forces units on Iran Army Day has taken place on 18 April in the presence of President Rouhani. This was attended by senior commanders of the armed forces, including the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Army, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Police Force, the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support, and the Basij Resistance Force.

In his speech given prior to the parade, the Iranian President stated: “Modern weaponry and preparedness have always been a major deterrent for the Islamic Republic of Iran in defending our country.”

Hassan Rouhani added: “Iran’s armed forces have not only kept Iran secure, but they have also played a major part in regional stability. Today, Iran and its armed forces are more influential than ever in regional and global issues. our troops, like our politicians, are not seeking tension in the world and are always pursuing peace and stability; but the Quran has taught us that peace and stability are possible alongside power. According to Quranic verses, one can respond positively to others' call for peace in the shadow of legitimate power and authority.”

He continued by saying: “I, hereby, announce to the world that we have manufactured all the deterrent weapons our country needs, and will continue to do so. We will not wait for their words, approvals, and positive comments.”

The President reiterated: “At the same time, we say to the countries of the region that the basis of our policy towards them is good neighborliness. We want to be good neighbors for the countries in the region. We do not intend to overcome any countries.”

He also stated: “We are seeking friendly, brotherly relations with our neighboring countries and tell them our weapons, equipment, missiles, airplanes, and tanks are deterrents and will never be used against you.”

He said that only political solutions and peaceful conduct will resolve regional and global problems: “We will continue our policies of a strong military deterrent and de-escalation of tensions and know that our military is ready to defend our country’s independence and honor under any circumstances.”

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