(Persia Digest) – Former CIA Chief and Trump’s Secretary of State nominee, Mike Pompeo, has confessed to twelve years of making up lies by the US about Iran’s nuclear activities at his confirmation hearing, saying: “Iran wasn’t racing to a weapon before the deal. There is no indication that I’m aware of that if the deal no longer existed that they would immediately turn to racing to create a nuclear weapon today.”

The remarks by former CIA Chief are tantamount to another confession by US authorities regarding Iran’s fictitious nuclear case; a case whereby Iran was pressurized for twelve years through Iranophobia, leading to the setup of a PMD (Possible Military Dimensions) file on Iran and prompting the IAEA and UNSC to adopt landmark resolutions against Iran.

In response to this major confession, Iran’s top diplomat Javad Zarif, tweeted: “US moral bankruptcy on full display in CIA Chief’s admission of US policy: In the past, Iran was sanctioned over false claims that it sought nuclear weapons. Now, sanctions must be reimposed because we seek no nukes?”

It is noteworthy to say that, ten years ago, at the height of anti-Iran rhetoric against its nuclear program, the American intelligence community, consisting of 16 intelligence agencies, released part of its confidential report on Iran, stating: “Iran is not seeking an atomic bomb.”

Nevertheless, Donald Trump has said he wants to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran, the JCPOA, unless what he calls the flaws of the deal are rectified prior to certification date on 12 May, even though the IAEA has already confirmed Iran’s commitment to its obligation under the JCPOA eleven times. The EU, China, and Russia have also repeatedly stressed on the importance of implementing the agreement.

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