(Persia Digest) – The Foreign Ministry’s Political Deputy said: “We are ready to defend the interests of the IR of Iran against every move by the US President.”

Seyed Abbas Araghchi has travelled to Rome to meet with European officials. He added: “The US President is swimming against the tide of international norms. The international community is presently trying to deal with this. We are in close contact with them and will not allow the interests of the IR of Iran to dwindle amid his moves. We are well placed to defend ourselves and are ready to deal with every scenario.”

Araghchi explained: “The President has issued the necessary orders to all the relevant economic, political, and nuclear organizations and we will be responding accordingly to any situations arising from decisions taken by President Trump.”

He stressed: “We have already said, and strongly reiterate, that an exit by the US from the JCPOA nuclear deal will abrogate Iran’s interests. It will certainly meet with our strong response and it will become clear how Iran is ready to return to enrichment and move forward.”

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