(Persia Digest) – The 36th Fajr Int’l Film Festival opened in Tehran last night with a cake celebrating 120 years of Iranian cinema and the screening of “Beyond the clouds” by Majid Majidi at the Felestine cinema theater.

The cake was carved by Reza Kianian prior to screening at the theater hosting directors, cinematographers, and journalists.

The Festival Secretary, Reza Mir-Karimi was present here alongside artists such as Maziar Miri (director), Habib Rezaei (actor), and Reza Dorostkar (film critic).

“Beyond the clouds” will also be screened at the Charsu Cineplex tonight at 21h30.

Majidi’s film is a production of the Indian cinema premiering in Iran at the 36th Fajr Int’l Film Festival.

The movie is a joint production by Zee Studios and Namah Pictures. The international screening, including India, will begin on 20 April, a day after its premiere at the Festival.

Other venues for screening are in the Persian Gulf states of Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE in over 70 movie theaters. Other countries include the USA, Canada, Pakistan, Singapore, and South Africa.

The 36th Fajr Int’l Film Festival will run at the Charsu Cineplex from 19-27 April 2018 by screening over 20 films daily.

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