(Persia Digest) – Golestan Palace Chief has announced that the hymn composed by a French musician 140 years ago in this historic complex will be registered as the “Golestan Palace Anthem” and a national heritage.

Massoud Nosrati added: “Under the Qajar Dynasty, Golestan Palace has always played a pivotal role in Persian music studies.”

He continued: “One of these pieces from that era is the hymn composed by French musician [Mojan]. We have proposed for this piece to be registered under the name “Golestan Palace Anthem” because it has been composed here and for this historic building.”

He reiterated: “The piece is one of the most beautiful hymns composed 140 years ago in Iran. It will be unveiled for the very first time and we are also compiling a file and going through the admin process for its registration, which we hope will be very soon.”

Persia Digest reports that Golestan Palace is a Unesco registered world heritage. Apart from its distinctive structure, it houses around 82 thousand artifacts in its museums.

The Golestan Palace complex, a memorial from the old Tehran (Citadel), was the seat of the Zandieh and Qajar dynasties. It is one of the capital’s oldest and most beautiful landmarks. The Royal Citadel dates back to the Safavid era.

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