(Persia Digest) – Istanbul will be playing host to a concert by Kayhan Kalhor and Erdal Erzincan in late April.

The improvised duet performance is one of these events in the music world which can be called an occurrence. The musicians are masters of their art and keen on interaction and movement forward, thus attracting much attention among the musical crowds.

The duet, with Kayhan Klahor on the kamancheh and Erdal Erzincan on the Bağlama, will be on stage on 23 and 25 April in Istanbul.

They have performed together previously at a week-long concert in January 2018 in Vahdat Hall in Tehran, warmly welcomed by the fans.

Kalhor and Erzincan come from two different musical backgrounds. But, playing on their mutual cultural heritage, they have staged numerous concerts in Iran and abroad in recent years.

Some of their tracks in the improvised genre have already been released in an album in Iran [Ta bikaran-e dour dast].

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