(Persia Digest) – French actress, Natalie Matti, is going on the Iranian stage in Ali Razi’s play.

Following her performance in the play “Bazgasht-e pessar-e nafarman” [Return of the prodigal son] which was staged at the Iranshahr playhouse, Natali Mattie and Ali Razi are working together for the second time. Natalie Matti was introduced to Iranian audiences for the first time in the mid-2000s in the film “Madār-e sefr darajeh” [Zero degree turn] for her role as Sara Astrok.

Natalie Mattie received her training at the International Theater Workshop Blanche Salant and Paul Weaver, and then followed in the footsteps of actors Maurice Benshou and Marcel Bosonnet. This latest play, “Anthony Gavin” will go on stage at the “Samandarian” playhouse on Iranshahr Street from 6 May 2018.

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