(Persia Digest) - Dr Maryam Razzaghi-Azar, an Iranian doctor who had traveled to Dubai on the invitation of the French Ipsen Company for a scientific conference, faced insults and disrespect from the officials in Dubai and had to leave the city before the end of the seminar.

As reported by Persia Digest, Professor Razzaghi-Azar said in explaining this incident that before her first presentation at the conference, an Arab doctor made her presentation and often mentioned the alien term "Arabian Gulf" in her slides. Then, when it was Professor Razzaghi-Azar’s turn, she said at the end of the presentation:

“Persian Gulf has been Persian Gulf since ancient time and it will be Persian Gulf forever.”

This was welcomed by the audience, but the representatives of Ipsen, France and Dubai called her to say that she had made the issue political and should apologize. Dr Razzaghi-Azar responded during her second presentation:

“My word was not political, we are friends but it was true.”

After saying this, the microphone is turned off and she is not allowed to continue her presentation. So, the Iranians attending the seminar also leave the conference hall. When Dr Razzaghi-Azar returns to the hotel, she finds that her door is locked. Then, the Dubai police arrives without an ID card, and asks her to either apologize in writing for using the term “Persian Gulf” at the conference or leave Dubai immediately; she is told she will no longer be allowed to enter the city even in transit.

The Iranian doctor, announcing that she will be happy to leave Dubai as soon as possible, writes in her statement to the police: “I am a professor with 35 years of experience who has been invited to the conference, then insulted, and the name of the Persian Gulf has been changed arbitrarily.” Thus, Dr Razzaghi-Azar leaves Dubai the same night and ends this eventful journey.

With the release of this insulting behavior by Dubai officials in the media, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif in a statement addressed to Dr Maryam RazzaghiAzar, the Iranian doctor, expressed his gratitude to her in defending the national and historical identity of the Persian Gulf in Dubai. Zarif's message reads: “I saw the report of your active and effective participation at the scientific seminar in Dubai. I was pleased with the logical defense and the strong argument stemmed from an Islamic-Iranian approach, relying on your high self-esteem.”

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