(Persia Digest) – Italian pianist and composer, Ludovico Einaudi, creator of the soundtracks for “This Is England”, “Fly”, “I'm Still Here”, and the TV miniseries “Doctor Zhivago”, is traveling to Iran to perform at the Ministry of the Interior concert hall in Tehran in April 2018.

Einaudi’s performances will be on 25-26 April 2018. He will be accompanied by a 5-member orchestra and a crew of sound, light, and backline technicians. This is his first appearance on the Iranian stage. Orchestra members include cellist Radii Hassa, violinist Federico Mecozzi, guitarist Francesco Arcuri, percussionist de Riccardo Laganà, and bassist Alberto Fabris.

The pieces include “Fly”, “Experience”, “Elements”, and “Night”.

A grand performance by Einaudi includes a concert on polar ice caps to protest the melting of glaciers in the Arctic.

Einaudi has told Mehr News Agency: “I am very excited to be in Tehran. This is my first visit to Iran after years of studying the country. I am looking forward to meeting Iranians and learning about the culture first hand on this special trip.”

He added: “I will be performing pieces at my concert in Tehran that I have composed over the past twenty years. Some of these are played as a piano solo, and the rest as a group.”

The organizers of the Schiller band concerts, the New Rhythm Institute, have also organized this concert.

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