(Persia Digest) – The National Heritage Centre in the historical town of Seimareh has announced: “This important historic town, part of Darreh Shahr, in Ilam western Iran, will be Unesco registered after the necessary repairs have been made.”

Ali Sinaeinejad added: “Seimareh is one of Iran’s largest historical enclosures in the west of the country, dating back to the advent of Islam. It is registered under no 6 on the list of national heritages here.”

He pointed out that Seimareh has a surface area measuring 200 thousand hectares, and reminded: “Some of the issues here, including farmlands within the enclosure, a lack of protective walls, and renovation works will be resolved with the help of city officials and appropriation of ownership determined for the first time for Seimareh.”

This historic town was demolished in an earthquake in 334 AH and became ghost town. As of today, nine archaeological excavations have taken place in the enclosure.

Seimareh is one of Iran’s first registrations as a national heritage. Darreh Shahr is also known as Iran’s city of fortresses due to the number and variety of forts located here. It is also the world’s largest Geopark.

Darreh Shahr is a 135km drive from southwestern Ilam. Its pristine landscape in the spring, splendid foothills, legends, historical monuments, and rich social culture make this an interesting destination for tourists.

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