(Persia Digest) – The Iran Book Fair has opened in Kabul University in Afghanistan today, 22 April 2018, through the efforts of the Iranian cultural attaché, attended by Iranian and Afghan publishers.

The opening ceremony was attended by university professors and students across Afghanistan, a delegation from Iranian universities, the Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan, the Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization of Iran, and Afghan officials and dignitaries.

The Fair will run for seven days, until 28 April.

Seventy publishers from Iran and thirty from Afghanistan have displayed their latest cultural packages here.

As per the request of Kabul University, 90 percent of the titles at the Fair this year are university books, covering nearly all the syllabus taught at universities in Afghanistan.

The Iranian cultural attaché in Kabul, Reza Maleki, said: “We have endeavored to keep the prices lower than what is printed on the back cover of the books. With respect to transportation costs from Iran to Kabul, this discount is a helpful contribution to Afghan academics and students.”

The previous Iran Book Fair in Kabul University ran from 12 March to 20 April 2017. In a rare event, all 300 thousand books on sale at the Fair were sold out.

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