(Persia Digest) – Professor of arts and media studies at Université Paris III, Fahimeh Najmi, has released her book entitled “Le Théâtre, L'Iran et L'Occident” [The Theater, Iran, and the Occident] in Paris on 11 April 2018.

Mehr News Agency reports that “Le Théâtre, L'Iran et L'Occident” is a comparative study of the history of theater in Iran and the West.

The book has been published by L’Harmattan publishers in its social logic collection, under the supervision of Professor Bruno Péquignot, Director of Education and Research at the University Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle.

“Le Théâtre, L'Iran et L'Occident” is the result of years of research by the author on the identity of Iran’s national theater by studying the beginnings of theater in Iran. She started her research by studying the penultimate years of the Qajar Dynasty up to 1966.

The book has been compiled in five chapters, with an introduction and epilogue. It has been printed in 247 pages in paperback at euros 26.50, and as ebook costing euros 19.99. A Persian translation will soon be available.

Fahimeh Najmi received her Bachelor of Arts in the Performing Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University and went to Paris to pursue her studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, where she received her PhD.

She has been teaching at the art faculty of the Islamic Azad University and Sureh University in Tehran and has published a number of articles such as “Alternatives théâtrales” and “Registres”.

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