(Persia Digest) – Italian composer and pianist, Ludovico Einaudi, is staging a week-long concert in Tehran, starting tonight. This is what he had to say on Iranian music: “I like Iranian music and have spent time listening to Iranian folk music.”

Einaudi’s concert begins tonight for two nights (25-26 April) at the Ministry of Interior Hall. He said at his press meeting: “It is a pleasure to find that Iranian music has grown to this extent. I like Iranian music. I would have liked to visit other cities in Iran and listen to their music.”

About his trip to Iran, he said: “This is my first visit to Iran and I am very happy to meet all the fans here. Music is the language of communication without words. We are here to meet music lovers.”

He explained about his concert: “Tracks from my “Element” album will be performed here together with important soundtracks I have composed for films. It is interesting to know that I have staged numerous concerts during my artistic life. During this time, many Iranians worldwide have asked me to come to Iran. I researched to see which one of my works would be more popular in Iran before coming here.”

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