(Persia Digest) – Former Editor-in-Chief of Cahiers du Cinéma, Jean-Michel Frodon, has said: “The absence of the late Kiarostami is a great tragedy, not only for the cinema of Iran, but also for the cinema of the world.”

Frodon told Persia Digest: “I believe Kiarostami’s demise is a great loss for the Iranian cinema. It is as if something is lacking here. This is not just the case for Iran, but also for the world cinema, where something seems to have been taken away from it. I believe his absence is a great tragedy for the world cinema.”

Frodon also commented on young Iranian filmmakers by saying: “Young Iranian filmmakers are very active. I have been watching their productions at the Cannes Film Festival. They are rather hardworking and dynamic.”

He also spoke about Farhadi: “I have also seen Farhadi’s films. I like the cinema of Kiarostami and other Iranian filmmakers.”

Frodon wrapped up: “I visited other Iranian cities on my previous trips here, but this has been the coldest spring in Iran.”

Jean-Michel Frodon was a pioneer critique at the Cahiers du Cinéma, a publication introducing the New Wave French cinema for years and one that impacted the industry. He has been coming to Iran for three springs in a row with a treasure trove of French movies. He screened New Wave films at the Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA) in Tehran last year, together with sessions on the French cinema. This year, he organized a “Rencontres du cinéma français” at the TMoCA cinematheque, with six films from Truffaut, Bresson, Melville, Assayas, Philibert, and Haroun, and an insight on the films.

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