(Persia Digest) – Iranian architects have won two of the international Prix Versailles annual awards for commercial architecture which was held at the Unesco headquarters in Algiers.

Seventy designs were initially selected by the jury, out of which 24 designs won the top awards, including two designs from Iran.

The designs from Iran were named as the Bam Land shopping center, jointly designed by Morteza Adib and Maryam Yusefi, and Rayzan Cultural Center, designed by Maneli Afshang and Mahfam Kooshesh.

Over ten thousand architectural designs from Europe, Africa, and West Asia had been submitted to the Prix Versailles Secretariat.

Prix Versailles is an annual award for built commercial architecture discerned at Unesco offices in the two categories of architecture and interior design. This year, the award ceremony was held in Algiers.

The distinctive feature of the selected designs is the integration of business with art and culture.

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