(Persia Digest) - The 31st Tehran Book Fair begins on 2 May, and in addition to Tunis, as a guest city of the Book Fair, a delegation from Serbia will also be coming to Tehran as honorary guests.

This year, Tunis, as a guest city is present in this edition of the fair in an area of 70 square meters. At the 31st edition of the Book Fair, there are 18 Tunisian officials, poets, publishers and writers from this city. Last year, Istanbul was the guest city of the Tehran Book Fair.

A delegation from Serbia will also attend the Book Fair this year as guests of honor. A 28-member delegation of officials, writers, poets and artists from this country will be present at the Tehran Book Fair in an area of 140 square meters. More than 300 titles in the fields of literature, history, art, and tourism are exhibited in this booth.

"Serbia's Night" is another program that will be held at the Book Garden in this edition.

The 31st Tehran International Book Fair with the slogan "No to not reading books" will be held from 2 to 12 May in Mosalla, Tehran.

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