(Persia Digest) – Iran’s top diplomat has announced: “The excessive demands of President Donald Trump beyond the JCPOA are unacceptable for the Iranian people, other JCPOA signatories, and the international community.”

At a joint press conference with his Turkish and Russian counterparts about a probable link between the JCPOA and US opposition to Iran in Syria, he said: “None of these issues are connected to the JCPOA.”

Zarif explained: “Since the Trump administration took over in the US, the country has been opposing an international agreement endorsed by a UN Security Council Resolution to which the US administration has also given a positive vote and made a commitment.”

The Iranian Foreign Minister stated: “Not only has Mr Trump not implemented this resolution, he has abrogated the commitments of the US administration. Rather than go back to its commitments, it is now making excessive demands beyond the JCPOA.”

He stressed that this is totally unacceptable for the Iranian people, other signatories to the JCPOA, and the international community.

Zarif also said: “The US role in our region has been perpetually disruptive. As we have witnessed in recent months, they have been supporting terrorist groups and used their army commanders and soldiers to advance US goals in Syria.”

He added: “Therefore, if anyone must answer for their disruptive role in the region, it is the US administration whose policies and support for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has entailed nothing but destruction and the spread of extremism. Iran has always taken steps to counter these disruptions and ravages brought on by certain policies in this region.”

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