(Persia Digest) – The 1st Iranian architectural festival titled “Khesht-e Firuzeh” will be held in the winter of 2018.

Due to its wide range of architectural styles, from the pre-Islamic era and following the advent of Islam in the Empire, Iranian architecture has always been studied and researched. A huge gap existed here for a festival on Iranian architecture, which has been filled this year in the shape of a national festival for this art.

Ali Forouzanfar, Director of the Center for the Islamic Revolution Architecture, told Mehr News Agency: “The national Iranian architectural festival titled “Khesht-e Firuzeh [Turquoise brick] is a great opportunity to display Iran’s architectural potentials and urbanism. This will take place on an annual basis, assessing design, construction, management, and drawings.”

Forouzanfar said the festival aimed to introduce top architectural projects in Iran, and added: “We aim to show the practical side of architecture and ask people to use these as a benchmark.”

He also pointed out that “Khesht-e Firuzeh” awards will be given in three categories: “We will select an Architect of the Year, a Building of the Year – residential or non-residential, and also a Young Architect of the Year because some of the designs have not been implemented but carry the features considered by the jurors.”

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