(Persia Digest) – Iranian publishers numbering 2500, and foreign publishers numbering 132, will be participating at the 31st Tehran International Book Fair in 2018.

At a press conference today, Yayha Dehghani, Executive Vice President of the Book Fair said: “Textbook publishers will be at the Fair this year with 15 thousand and 633 titles and the university press will have 64 thousand and 444 titles.”

He added that educational publishers will be on the ground floor of Tehran’s Mosalla fair grounds, in the west wing. He said 113 publishers will be here and explained: “501 will also have their stands in the tents set up on the east side of the fair grounds.”

He went on to add: “Publishers of children’s books number 288 and general publishers over 1147. Young adults publishers are bringing 33 thousand titles to the fair and will set up in three parts of the Mosalla and the main courtyard, in the tents in the east wing of the grounds.”

According to Dehghani, there will be 86 Arabic-speaking publishers with 37 thousand books and 500 titles here, together with 46 Latin publishers with 120 thousand titles. Additionally, 80 e-publishers will also be at the fair. He said: “An area measuring 1300 sqm has been allocated to e-publishers.”

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