(Persia Digest) – Deputy to Iran’s Petroleum Minister, Hamidreza Araghi’s announcement regarding the second phase of supplying gas to Iraq states: “Basra is ready to import gas from Iran. We will be able to proceed following payments.”

He said gas exports to Iraq depend on whether the country will make its payments, and added: “The decision will have to be made in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad. It is presently seeking to resolve the financial and budgeting issues surrounding gas imports.”

The Managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Company added that everything is ready to export gas from Iran to Basra: “One of the reasons for the delay was that the pipelines were not ready. But this has now been completed.”

Araghi reiterated: “Agreement has been reached between Iran and Iraq to export gas to the two power plants in Baghdad and Basra. The first phase of the project began in June last year by exporting gas to Baghdad from Naft Shahr terminal. This has continued non-stop to date. Gas exports to Basra has been planned for phase two from the Shalamcheh terminal using Iran’s IAGT trunk-line 6.

Iran ready for Turkmenistan gas swap to Pakistan

The Deputy to Iran’s Petroleum Minister said it was unlikely that the TAPI pipeline from Turkmenistan to India would be completed, and added: “We have informed Turkmenistan that we are ready to swap its gas with Pakistan. This does not require much investment.”

Turkmenistan has not responded yet. Iran is presently swapping gas from Turkmenistan to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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