(Persia Digest) - The Persian Historical Carpet Exhibition is being held at the National Museum of Bosnia by displaying several historical carpets which belong to the Safavid era and the 17th century.

"Iran is an ancient country with an ancient history in the world," the head of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina said at the opening ceremony.

A ceremony was held to exhibit the Iranian historical carpets, with the presence of the Iranian Ambassador at the National Museum of Bosnia in Sarajevo. “The establishment of the National Museum of Bosnia dates back to the eighteenth century, but in 1913 it changed to its present form and gradually expanded. It includes four sections of archeology, anthropology, natural history and a library with more than 300,000 books,” Mirsad Sijarić said at the ceremony.

Sijarić emphasized the importance of the history and civilization of Iran in the world. He welcomed the communication and exchange of information and experience between the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iranian museums.

Iran’s Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mahmoud Heidari, also visited the National Museum of Bosnia. “Due to the importance of preserving its historical civilization, Islamic Iran has been doing a great job in preserving and restoring ancient monuments and there are numerous museums in Iran where the National Museum of Bosnia could use their experiences,” he said, referring to Iran's experience in the restoration of ancient monuments and museums.

“There are many similarities in culture, art, customs and religious and human values between the people of Iran and Bosnia; the role of culture has always been prominent in the relations between the two countries,” the Iranian Ambassador said, referring to the historical similarities of the two countries.

“Museums play the role of the collective memory of a country in human societies and promote the phenomena of civilization and community culture. The objects displayed in them represent authentic documents of art, culture and history of a nation and country for the next generations,” Heidari added.

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