(Persia Digest) – “Business Insider” website has reported that Iran is one of Asia’s top ten military powers.

The report is based on statistics from the “Global Firepower” website obtained by comparing 133 countries and 50 indicators to introduce the 25 superior military powers in the world. Thirteen of these are on the Asian Continent.

The ranking is based on armaments, military forces, geographical location, logistics, natural resources, and each county’s military industry.

Russia tops the list of ten powers, followed by China, India, South Korea, Japan, and Turkey ranking 2-6 respectively. Iran is seventh on the list, followed by Indonesia, Israel, and Pakistan in 8-10 place respectively.

Saudi Arabia and none of the other Persian Gulf states are on the list, despite massive arms contracts with the US and other western countries worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Earlier, the Saudi Prince Mohammad Ben Salman had claimed that Iran is not even among the top five military powers of the Islamic world! Iran ranks higher than Israel.

Global Firepower reports that Iran has an 82 million-strong population. Its military forces number 934 soldiers, 505 military aircraft, 150 fighter jets, 1650 tanks, and 398 naval vessels. The report also says that the budget for Iran’s defensive forces stands at USD 6BM and 300MM. It places Iran’s global ranking at 13.

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