(Persia Digest) – There are 95 e-publishers taking part in 106 stands at the 31st Tehran International Book Fair.

Most of these are publishers of textbooks, children and young adults, and general books.

Speaking about computer games, the Head of the Digital Media Development Center at the Ministry of Islamic Guidance, Mousavian, told IRNA News Agency: “We decided to include more contents this year; therefore, computer games were not showcased in this edition of the Book Fair. These will be available at the special digital media fair to be announced.”

He added: “The competitions section of digital media, entertainment, IT, and digital publishing will be open on a daily basis at the Book Fair.”

Mousavian also announced the launch of a number of digital and virtual space materials, and added: “We have been planning sessions with producers of digital material and IT specialists at the Fair this year.”

Manager of the hall for Digital Media Development Center at the Ministry of Islamic Guidance also talked to IRNA about the digital publishing trend, saying: “We have done our utmost to accommodate all applicants at the Fair. A lack of space and allocation of only one hall to digital media only allowed for 95 publishers to be present in 106 stands.”

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