(Persia Digest) – Richard Clayderman will be holding a string of concerts in Iran for the very first time in the summer of 2018.

Mehr News Agency reports that a professional orchestra will be accompanying the renowned piano player end of June. The Tehran concert will be at the Ministry of the Interior hall. Clayderman has also prepared the well-loved “Ey Iran” [Oh Iran] piece on the piano as a special treat for his Iranian fans.

Most of his Iranian audience know him for his music titled “Silver Pine”, “Clair de Lune”, “Golden Hearts”, “Lettre à ma Mère”, “Memories”, and “Christmas”. As of today, Clayderman has recorded over 1220 melodies and sold over 80 million albums. He as 270 gold and 70 platinum albums to his credit. His genre is a combination of New age music, classical music, and easy listening. He has set new standards for piano playing which are easy to perform even for beginners. Clayderman is in the Guinness World Records as the most successful pianist worldwide.

His concert in Iran has been organized by “Royal Honar” and managed by Majid Abdi. Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday 8 May 2018.

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